Medical What!!!

Well, I made it through my second class of #ECI834!! I’m excited to say that   I am one step further than I was at this time last semester. Unfortunately, last semester  I only made it through one class of ECI833- yes, I too was a parking lot dropout.

 This week I want to introduce you to the course Stephanie, Malinda and I have decided to tackle.  As nursing instructors we’ve all witnessed the difficulty students have with medical terminology.  Medical terminology itself, is introduced and discussed marginally as specific course content and is allotted minimal course time. As a rule, students are expected to learn much of this new and difficult language on their own. Students often comment that they wish there was a course they could undertake outside of the nursing program that not only introduced them to medical terminology but discussed and examined more of the intricacies of this language.

Because we are only just beginning to uncover the benefits and drawbacks of blended and online courses, I find it difficult  to clearly and definitively state what mode of delivery I would choose  for our proposed course at this time. This being said, I have  taught a blended (hybrid)course in the past and did enjoy numerous components including the personal relationships that were fostered during f2f sessions, the ability to clarify questions for students who had difficulty in communicating their misunderstandings and questions in the written word,  and the ability to pickup on student understanding and comprehension  through non-verbal cues that I may not have pickup on in a remote/online application.  Sometimes it is the non-verbals that one receives as an educator that provides more insight and feedback on a students understanding than by only viewing submitted and edited assignments. This all being said, my rudimentary thinking is, if our class is based around knowledge  and is an elective for students to complete if they so choose to assist them once they are in a formalized nursing class, our class would be based on an online model.

I want to thank everyone for all of their support and guidance thus far in the course! I enjoyed the atmosphere of the class this past week and everyone and their knowledge and humour. Last week Stephanie included a link about Vlog’ing in her post. I’m not sure if I am up for that challenge as of yet but I did put together a little video to demonstrate nursing students and their difficulty with medical terminology. This required my to set up a You-tube channel and figure out how to upload it to this weeks blog…. I hope you all enjoy it!




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11 Responses to Medical What!!!

  1. Well Twana I am laughing so hard right now I might wet myself. I think this project although in its beginning stage will have the potential to be a huge help for future students. Looking forward to working on it with you and Melinda!

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    • Twana2017 says:

      I hope you didn’t wet yourself or were ” incontinent”! I think this proposed course idea has a lot of merit and student success and knowledge would be positively effected!


  2. Nailed it! That video says it all. How many times have you and I heard students attempt medical terminology in clinical and it comes out very similar to your video? Looking forward to working with you on this project!


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  4. ellenlague says:

    This sounds super interesting! I would probably be one to butcher all of the terminology, so I can definitely see the need for this course!

    I’m wondering – and definitely correct me if I’m wrong – if there is a specific “curriculum” that you are connecting this prototype with? I could imagine it would be hard to create all the content as well as design the components of the course. (I’m probably overthinking this, just thought I’d ask!)

    Looking forward to reading more about your course!


    • Twana2017 says:

      Thanks for you comments and question Ellen- I love your “over thinking” quality!!
      I have assisted with curriculum development in the past and you are right when you say it would be hard to create all the content as well as design the components of the course!!
      Since Malinda and Stephanie teach in the degree program and I teach in the diploma program, we will compare and contrast the medical terminology curriculum’s between the two programs. Since “language is language” I assume the course content between the two programs is very similar if not the same. If this is the case we will use which ever programs curriculum is laid out most nicely and progress from there.


  5. lorrainewgnr says:

    Hi I loved your blog… great video !! Medical terminology will be great to learn how to do online. Good job !!


  6. Twana2017 says:

    Thanks Lorraine! Glad you liked the video!


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