Myth Busters!!!

Have  you ever been told you shouldn’t or can’t do something? Have you ever had doubt cast upon you only to have  been motivated that much more by the lack of trust or hesitation of others? Call it my desire to always fight for the underdog, a motivation to find out things for myself, or plain stupidity, but this is what I do. I was the kid that had to stick my tongue to the metal play-structure in the playground to see if it would really stick. The kid that had to touch the stove to see if it really was hot, the kid that had to really see if the ice was to thin to skate on… yes, the person who was told moodle was a terrible, horrible and despicable LMS , but had to find out for herself.

http-%2f%2fmashable-com%2fwp-content%2fgallery%2fholiday-movie-trivia%2fchristmasstory1Call me a fool, as not only did Alec state numerous times in our last class that he didn’t care for the LMS Moodle,  our reading this week by Audrey Watters, goes on to reiterate his thoughts and the use of LMSs in general. Yes, I am that fool that disregards the warnings of the educated and  those who will be assigning a grade to my assignment, and takes on Moodle. Call me a crusader, or a super-hero for the overlooked and under-rated LMSs of the world, but I hope by the  end of my assignment, I know one-way or another if I can defend Moodle, or like the masses, dislike and disregard it as an option in the future.

Ok, if I am really going to be honest, there are a few other reasons  other than for the reason I discussed above that my group, which includes Melinda and Stephanie, have decided to use Moodle as our LMS for our Medical Terminology course. The nursing degree program , the program Melinda and Stephanie work for at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, works in collaboration with the University of Regina  and thus, is aligned with the LMS Moodle. I  myself, work in the practical nursing program, which is strictly a Sask Poly associated program and therefore I follow Sask Polys LMS of Brightspace. I am relatively  comfortable with Brightspace, and like Malinda and Stephanie mention in their blogs, are unfamiliar and poorly versed and practiced in Moodle, thus this assignment is a great opportunity for us all to become more familiar and comfortable with moodle.

Since our last class I have done some research and looked a little closer at Moodle leading me to discover a few interesting advantages to using Moodle as a LMS. Moodle is the LMS most often used around the world and because of this, students are often familiar and comfortable with this system. Furthermore, it is an open source and free to download and use- bonus! Lastly, Moodle is known to encompass up- to-date content, multimedia interactivity, collaborative learning tools, gamification, integrated badges, video conferencing, love or recorded webinars and face- to-face activities, all of which sound as though they would lend to a personal learning experience.


I am interested to hear from those of you who have used Moodle. Would  you use it again? What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?



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6 Responses to Myth Busters!!!

  1. I love that you are trying something that most people (including myself!) didn’t even consider. I think it is quite the undertaking, but I am glad someone is trying it out and trying to defend it in the process. Good luck with Moodle – I look forward to seeing what you can develop with it!


  2. Kara says:

    I have use (and am using) Moodle within my division. It is okay. It does allow you to embed video and images and I think the key is setting it up to avoid the “long scroll of death”. It is not quite as user-friendly as some other platforms but definitely a fan-favourite of the institutions!


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