Thank you Mrs. Henryk


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Wife, mother, nurse, teacher, life-long learner and kid at heart!
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4 Responses to Thank you Mrs. Henryk

  1. Good for you Twana! I know for you and me, some of these technology things are all to new for us.
    Your Vlog is great! I think you and I grew up with many similarities in our learning styles and struggles. My teaching is much the same. I enjoy using a variety of tool and technology to engage each learner to meet their individual learning needs. Probably because of my own personal struggles in school.
    I have set a goal to try a new tool each week to help push my learning to the next level. Not only for my own learning but also for my students.
    Let’s keep pushing each other.


    • Twana2017 says:

      Thanks Melinda. I’ve tried a new tool each week since the beginning of the course. I can’t believe how many apps and tools are “out there”. My students have enjoyed me bringing my new knowledge into the classroom as have my colleagues whom I have shared with. We’ve learnt so much in a few short weeks. I’m excited for what else lays ahead.

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  2. Twana, your vlog on learning and life experience demonstrates such a great example of how teachers can change a persons life. How fitting that one teachers interest in your learning has I am sure helped mold you into such an amazing teacher. Thanks for sharing such a personal learning journey with us.


    • Twana2017 says:

      Thank you for your kind comments Stephanie. Mrs. Henryk was very special. I would love to talk to her again sometime, but haven’t had any luck contacting her. I consider being a teacher one of the greatest honors and could only hope I could impact a students life like Mrs. Henryk impacted mine.

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