From “Technotard” to “Techyish”

Over the course of the last few months, Melinda, Stephanie and I have been diligently working on our course prototype, Medical Terminology for the Pre- Nursing Student. As I posted in Melinda’s blog this week, I believe more was learnt  from what went wrong and was difficult to navigate in this course,then when things went well and came “easy” to us. After we agreed upon the content of our course we had a lot of discussion surrounding what type of Learning Management System (LMS) we would utilize to deliver our prototype. Initially we thought about utilizing Bright Space, formerly D2L, as I had utilized this LMS in the past. As an instructor I had  found Bright Space easy to navigate and edit. I had always received positive feedback from my students regarding the ability to navigate the course with ease and that it provided them with the tools to support their success.

After discovering that access to this LMS maybe be a little tricky, we decided to step away from Bright Space.   It was at this time  Melinda and Stephanie  suggested moving towards Moodle. Both ladies utilize Moodle with their jobs and felt it would be beneficial to  dive into the intricacies of the platform.

This is where the story gets a little fuzzy as my body tends to try and protect me and erase certain experiences and memories from my mind. From what I can recall, Moodle was nothing more than a hassle. It was difficult to open, navigate and organize.  Now, I would be remiss if I  failed to mention the fact that I am in no way tech savvy. I can hold my own when it goes to navigating the web, sending emails, creeping on Facebook and Instagram and following my favorite Riders on Twitter, but in no way, am I tech savvy!  This being said, I have to say I found comfort in hearing from numerous #ECI834 peers that they too had difficulty with Moodle. Needles to say, our groups quickly aborted the idea of Moodle as our LMS.

Canvas is the LMS the our group finally settled on. Although we did have difficulties here and there, we found the platform easy to use and navigate for the most part. We enlisted in the help of Canvas’ online and support persons numerous times. “Mary” from Canvas was always willing to answer any of our questions and guide us through any difficulties we had. The friendly support from the staff of Canvas and the overall layout and easy of the platform,are the two reasons why I would recommend Canvas to anyone or use  it again.

Our course has been close to completion for a few weeks now. Our group plans on meeting this weekend to go over everything one last time with a fine toothed comb. I’m looking forward to the feedback we receive from  our peers and applying that feedback to our course prototype. That being said,  I am excited to have a look into what everyone else has been up to and learn from the tools and applications you have all included in your courses. Learning from each of my peers throughout this course is something that has occurred since day one of the class when Ashley, Nancy, and Kristen helped us ‘rookie nurse technotards’ out so much!

Although I was initially intimidated with the prototype assignment (and this class) I have to say that once we dove into the actual content  of our course, I truly enjoyed the assignment. I think everyone in our group would say they learnt a lot and had fun with the numerous tools we utilized within the prototype. Furthermore, I have become an  avid fan of Adobe Spark, Flip Grid and Mentimeter . Sadly, I will confess that in other Grad classes I haven’t found course content that applies to my everyday. The tools that we have discussed and have been introduced to in this course are things that I have incorporated into my classroom on numerous occasions already!! I don’t know about other Grad students, but this is something that excites me, my students and my co-workers!!! I have a long way to go in regards to learning and technology but I am so grateful for how far I have come and the knowledge I have gained!


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4 Responses to From “Technotard” to “Techyish”

  1. Thanks for the post, Twana! I have to agree with you – I learned much more from the mistakes I have made than with the successes. I was a complete Google Classroom fanatic before this class, and I thought there would be no other LMS that I could use that would compete. However, I am starting to realize that I am a Google Classroom fanatic in conjunction with my day-to-day teaching – maybe it isn’t the best when it is a purely online course or blended environment. Next time I build I course I (gasp!) may not use Google Classroom as my LMS. All comes from the mistakes that I have made throughout the course. But you are absolutely right – in the end, it is all about the knowledge gained. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Twana2017 says:

    I love that you have said ‘ next time”. I can relate! How did this happen?
    Thanks for commenting on my posts throughout the semester!


  3. We have learnt a lot along the way. I have loved every minute of working in this group. We most certainly learned a lot about what we liked with Canvas and LOT about what we didn’t like with as well.
    I alike you, have LOVED the immediate application this class has had on my every day teaching. Among many things I have changed, one is how I receive feedback from my students. I am loving Mentimeter and so are my students.


    • Twana2017 says:

      I whole heatedly agree Malinda. The everyday applications we have learnt about have been and will continue to be so helpful in the classroom. My students are always asking “what did you learn this week?” or ” did you learn this in your class?”. Of course I akways response with, “of course I did my little guinea pigs”!


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