EC&I 834 Learning Summary….

Taking a tech class was something I have always wanted to do. That being said, wanting to do something and believing you can doing something are two completely different entities.


 I think getting through the first class was the hardest. Once I figured out what Zoom Us was, how to set up a blog and what the heck Google Plus was I was flying. The support and assistance provided from  the EC&i834 community was amazing; thank you!


Malinda, Stephanie and I worked on our EC&1 834 Summary of Learning together as a team. We have all fallen in love with Adobe Spark and have used that as our platform to present our learning. I hope you all enjoy our attempt to demonstrate some of the knowledge we have gained over the last few months and our wacky sense of humor.

Game on!

EC&I 834 Jeopardy


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Wife, mother, nurse, teacher, life-long learner and kid at heart!
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2 Responses to EC&I 834 Learning Summary….

  1. Your learning summary was awesome! I thought the Jeopardy idea was really creative and different than what I had ever seen before. Well done!


  2. Twana2017 says:

    Thanks! We worked really hard on it and as you could hopefully see, had a lot of fun making it!!


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