Is this thing turned on?


Hello? Hellooo? Hellllllooooooooooo!!!?

Well, if there is anyone out there who is able to read this and through the grace of God I have followed the directions correctly and have effectively managed to create a blog space, welcome!!

I’d like to start by telling you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised right here in good old Regina and take pride in being Saskatchewan tough! I am married to a self proclaimed “idiot savant”. Together we have a six year old daughter and two Labrador retrievers- is anyone looking for a dog or two? ( just kidding…. kinda….).  I am a Registered Nurse and love the complexity  that this profession brings with it; the ever expanding science and knowledge along with the art of caring and compassion. Currently I am a faculty member teaching in the School of Nursing at Saskpolytech which I love! Besides that I am an avid Rider fan and love the outdoors!

ECI834 is my 7th class towards a masters in adult education and I’m hoping to complete this journey within the next year. I hope to learn many things in this class although my top three would be 1) comfort in navigating new programs and apps 2) gain new knowledge and insight into ” whats out there” in regards to tech and education and 3) new friendships!

For you who enjoy twitter my twitter handle is @TwanaLW

I look forward in working with you all!


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