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Rewind and Reflect

This final blog post was jointly written by Twana, Melinda and Stephanie. Source Welcome to our final blog post. The journey of creating our “Medical Terminology Course Prototype” over the last few months could be described in a variety ways. … Continue reading

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EC&I 834 Learning Summary….

Taking a tech class was something I have always wanted to do. That being said, wanting to do something and believing you can doing something are two completely different entities. Source  I think getting through the first class was the … Continue reading

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From “Technotard” to “Techyish”

Over the course of the last few months, Melinda, Stephanie and I have been diligently working on our course prototype, Medical Terminology for the Pre- Nursing Student. As I posted in Melinda’s blog this week, I believe more was learnt … Continue reading

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A Slippery Slope

Facilitating nursing education poses both similar challenges as well as obvious differences to those of you who educate in primary, middle and high school.  Besides the understandable differences such as  maturity level, age, curriculum, and legislation, there are more serious … Continue reading

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Can I Quote You on That?

  ” Are you designing the type of class you would  enjoy and want to take?” Alec Couros As I shared on the chat feed during last weeks class, I completed a post-diploma degree from Athabasca University,Canada’s Open University  . … Continue reading

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Alec and Katia’s Method to Madness?

In class last week we discussed the fact that numerous research studies, and the Bates text itself, identify that there is no difference in student success when face to face instruction is compared to that of an online approach.  This … Continue reading

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Thank you Mrs. Henryk

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And…. The Myth Has Been CONFIRMED

Remember last week when I talked about how I always had to be “that kid”. The kid who has to prove things to themselves in order to be convinced of things …. WHY! Why must I be that person!!  Why … Continue reading

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Myth Busters!!!

Have  you ever been told you shouldn’t or can’t do something? Have you ever had doubt cast upon you only to have  been motivated that much more by the lack of trust or hesitation of others? Call it my desire to always … Continue reading

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Medical What!!!

Well, I made it through my second class of #ECI834!! I’m excited to say that   I am one step further than I was at this time last semester. Unfortunately, last semester  I only made it through one class of … Continue reading

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